Luís Carlos


This was a QREN I&DT project, no. 33845, with SPIC - Creative Solutions promoter and co-promoter the University of Algarve.

I started this project as a research fellow at UAlg, where we developed prototypes of a real size frontal hologram and a 360º hologram, where you can see the hologram from all perspectives. After that, I joined the team at SPIC - Creative Solutions where I introduced new features and helped to develop a commercial version of a real life size hologram front and another 360º hologram.

My work developed in this project:

  • Designed and implemented  a holographic structure
  • Application developed in Unity 3D that generates holograms from 3D objects or videos
  • Interactive application with fully configurable menus and content where text, images or videos can be displayed
  • Gesture recognition around the structure to control the hologram through 8 Kinect cameras
  • Voice recognition and voice response.
  • RFID card recognition
  • Android application for control of the holographic system
  • All of the above applications are fully customizable by backoffice

During this project, 13 scientific articles were published and it was highlighted in the Observer and in the
Only images of the prototype version developed at UAlg are available on this page.

More details on the commercial versions of this holographic structure can be seen here: